The KUFU Drawer System has been in the design process since 2019. Development started after 16 years in the 4wd industry selling and installing 4WD products and travelling Australia using the products. The concept of a quick release (Catch-and-Click™) system that allowed drawers to be fitted and removed in seconds without tools was a major talking point, whether discussing vehicle builds or sitting around camp fires, so that became our focus.

After engaging Design and Industry, a leader in their field of design for manufacture, we started out with the brief and then brainstormed many ideas and designs until we settled on a unique and comprehensive compression moulded design that allowed flexibility in the tool for 6 lengths and 3 heights. With such a beast of a tool, we had to go offshore to have the tool built, tested and parts produced, while the assembling and many other components are made in Geelong, Australia. The design now provides a platform that would find interest from Defence, medical and large fleets due to the strength / weight ratio and fast fit capabilities.

Along with a quick release feature other considerations were light weight, internal and external lighting, sealed design for external use and all weather conditions, incremental locking points for drawer when opening to stop fully extending on inclines or running away on declines, anti-slip surface, 1 tonne load rating evenly distributed across drawer top and 150kg inside each drawer, smooth operation and full extension of drawer when open, modular to allow custom layout for stacking and different height configurations, built in retaining tracks for sliding eye bolts to secure loads and the optional false floor on the 280 and 460 drawers to allow water storage at low centre of gravity in a bladder or to hide valuable items, lockable and visually impressing to integrate with the current feel of the new vehicles.

The company self-funded was successful in securing grant funding from State government for initial design concept (Automotive innovation lab access grant) to help fund the milestones to manufacture ready and later (The department of Jobs, Precinct and Regions, Victorian Government) to help fund the facilities for manufacturing and produce an estimated 32 local jobs over 2 years.

Trade marks, Design registrations and Patents across Australia, EU, U.K and USA are now filed to protect the intellectual property and we estimate we will be in a position to export in 2023. Growing interests from companies across the globe have been over whelming, from Artic trucks based in the U.K to O.E supply to manufactures, strong interest around electric vehicle manufacturers has provided confidence in the design and the system for future success.

The KUFU Drawer System is the bench mark of the vehicle storage solutions, we carry strong values of product design across our range and products, strong reliable functional products, tested to ADR 43/02 – General safety requirements for safety and peace of mind for recreational, fleets, mining, and defence and above all, to make your experience one that is organised and safe.